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XCMG’s Recent New Products

Posted on:2015-03-18 14:33:45    Source:   

XCMG New Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Recently, XCMG XSZ2000 full hydraulic drilling rig went off line.

XSZ2000 applies a self-adaption all-terrain off-road chassis in the vehicle-mounted drilling rig field for the first time and is integrated with multiple proprietary technologies of XCMG such as hydropneumatic suspension, independent axle lifting and intelligent control of multi-axle steering. With a small turning diameter, XSZ2000 is flexible and can be adapted to turnaround construction under various bad road conditions and put in place quickly and accurately. The diameter of mandrel of top-drive power head is increased to 105mm, providing a stronger slag removal capacity. There is a telescopic drill tower and the travel of power head is 15m, meeting the use requirements of long sleeve. A convenient changing mechanism can meet the requirements of drill pipe lifting needing larger space and increase the changing speed greatly. A vehicle-mounted closed operation room, the first in the world, provides a wide visual field, comfortableness and safety, and improves the operation environment greatly.

XSZ2000 is applicable to not only exploration and exploitation of resources such as coalbed methane, shallow shale gas, underground water and terrestrial heat but also large-aperture working situations of emergency rescue. It can be applied to various positive and negative circulation construction processes of slurry and air, and meets drilling requirements of different stratums. It is an ideal multi-purpose machine.

XCMG has arranged the new field of drilling rig comprehensively, and launched products of three modes: XSZ2000, XSZ1500 and XSZ800, in 2014, basically covering the market of vehicle-mounted drilling rigs below 2,000m.

XCMG New Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

XCMG XR460D -- China's Largest Hydraulic Retractable-Chassis Spiral-Drilling Rig

Before 2011, the spiral drilling rigs over 40 tons in China were monopolized by foreign manufacturers. Chinese makers, due to concerns on accessibility of key technologies and availability of the equivalent parts and accessories, especially the chassis of the rig, were anxious but unable to do anything. The pricing power was in hands of foreign companies. However, XCMG found a way and had its XR460D spiral-drilling rig came into being.

To develop the chassis without a reference was a huge challenge, but XCMG knew it was the key leading to making such heavy rigs and started a special R&D program as a pioneer in China.

In the design process, XCMG conquered difficulties in the chassis tensioning device, H-type frame’s structure, three-pump converging, and single-row rope winding. Meanwhile, other key technical difficulties were subjugated, such as single-roller-and-double-motorhigh-power winding, big-torque power head rock-drilling control, full electric-controlled smart operating system, big-triangle luffing. Thus, the heaviest spiral drilling rig in Asia came out in XCMG, which, having an XCMG-made chassis, as a condensation of XCMG’s technologies, filled multiple technical blanks in China and made XCMG the forerunner leading R & D of heavy machines.

With the acceleration of domestic infrastructure and civil construction, the scale of piling foundation projects is getting larger. The requirements on depths and dimensions of hole boring, especially in projects of river and bay bridges, are higher. XCMG XR460D keeps making records in deep and ultra deep piles.

Currently, XR460D is the only Chinese-made 40t/m spiral-drilling rig, which achieved bulk sales in the domestic market. It has a reasonable price, less than half of the imported equivalents. XR460D was chosen by some large-scale state key projects such as the East Loop-III Expressway at Xuzhou, Yangtze Bridge at Wuhu, and Zhuhai-Hongkong-Macao Bay Bridge, where it has done a great job and well accepted by its users.

XR460D in bridge construction
XR460D in bridge construction

MSP1561 Crawler Sieving Station

The first unit of MSP1561 crawler sieving station came out, which was developed jointly by XCMG Schwing, XCMG Research Institute and Beijing Technologies University.

MSP1561 shall mainly be used in urban construction waste treatment, opencast coal mining, road and bridge construction, as well as in metallurgy, energy, mining, highway and railway projects. This machine, using the world's most advanced mobile sieving technology, featuring high performance, fuel efficiency, meeting high construction requirements, and will generate huge profit for customers.

MSP1561 crawler sieving station features a beautiful profile, a crawler chassis, a minimum ground clearance of 343 mm, and a maximum climb angle of 9°. Its conveyor and sieving machine can stretch out and fold up through a hydraulic system. Site-to-site transport of the machine requires no disassembling or assembling.

MSP1561 Crawler Sieving Station
MSP1561 Crawler Sieving Station

XLZ230 II Cold In-place Pavement Recycler

XCMG’s first unit of XLZ230 II cold in-place pavement recycler came out recently.

XLZ230 II, as a market-oriented product, combining the advanced technologies of XCMG’s stabilized soil mixer and cold in-place recycling equipments, is a reliable, fuel-saving and efficient pavement recycling tool with all features cared about by users.

This machine is a fuel-efficient and environment-friendly construction tool to recycle the old asphalt into the new pavement in place through the procedure -- milling, planning and breaking the old asphalt pavement, and mixing the broken grains with proportioned cement, water, and emulsion asphalt to be the filler material of the new pavement. It can be used mainly in in-place mixing of the stable soil for the base and sub-base pavements of highways, streets, airports, wharfs and parking lots. This tool can be easily cold-started in a very low temperature. It has features such as fuel-saving, evenly material spraying, easyto be maintained, smart rotor speed controlling, self power distributing, cab sideward slipping, high-pressure spraying, quick changing of the milling rotor cutters. It is believed that XLZ230 will become a major cold in-place recycling tool in pavement maintenance industry.

XCMG’s New Product -- XLZ230 II Cold In-place Pavement Recycler

XCMG XC6-4517 Telescopic Forklift

XC6-4517 telescopic forklift, a new independently-developed product of XCMG, went off line after successful performance test and will be delivered to Qatar.

Based on existing forklifts, XC6-4517 was paid more attention to improve customer experience in ergonomics and adopted FOP&ROPS cab to enable more comfortable driving; the forklift can realize self-leveling on ramps less sloped than 10° to work in various working conditions; with minimum turning radius of 3.8m, the vehicle is well adapted to various sites and can operate in narrow space; its frame and telescopic boom adopt finite element analysis to make stress less concentrated and reliability higher and enable more adaptable to severe working conditions.

XCMG New Telescopic Forklift-XC6-4517
XCMG New Telescopic Forklift-XC6-4517

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